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We have updated our 2016 schedule and board meeting schedule and member listing.
See the links to the left for details.
Remember that all board meetings are open to all interested, not limited to board members.

De Colores

Sign up for the new NCEC database:

Our new NCEC web-based database is now ready to be opened up to the whole community. This database is being used by many Emmaus communities across the United States. We've imported the data from the old database so all of your information should still be in there. The database is used to maintain contact information for all community members and retain pilgrim and team work history. Lay Directors will use this database to build their teams. The registrar will use it to add pilgrim applications. Team Selection will use it to run the experience engine and determine qualifications for selecting future teams.
For community members, you will be able to:

  • Update your own personal information
  • Submit online applications for pilgrims that you wish to sponsor
  • Submit online team applications
  • To get into the database, open up an Internet Explorer browser (this will not run from any other browser at this time) and paste the following link in the web address:


    Your login will be the email address that you have provided to NCEC.

    Your temporary password will be "ncecncec".

    1. When you log in for the first time, your first action should be to change your password. Go to "You" in the menu bar and select 'Change your password"
    2. Select "You" to display your information in the database and update the fields as necessary. The old database didn't maintain any information about birthdate, so you will need to update that. Be sure to select the "Update Your Information" button when you have finished your changes.
    3. From the submenu you can view "Your Options" to determine how you wish to receive correspondence and your Chrysalis preference.
    4. From the "Your Weekend" submenu, you can view all the people who were in attendance on your walk. Note: that some of those people may no longer be in the database if they've moved away or moved to a different community.
    5. From the "Your Experience" submenu, you will see your entire team work history. Unfortunately there was a glitch in the database export which resulted in duplicate experience -- I will need to work with you to clean that up, so email Pat with the duplicates.
    6. From the "Your Reunion Group", you can edit and change your reunion group information.
    7. From the "Your Church Community" you can see all members of your church who have attended Emmaus.
    8. From the "Volunteer Information", you can see volunteer opportunities and a sign up form to sign up and help in future walk.

    You can select the "Online Application" to view a blank application, which you can use to complete and submit an application for a pilgrim for future walks. We really would like to transition to this method over time because it will save trees and be easier to manage the registration process.

    This site's goal is to provide information for
    upcoming walks, how to apply, how to contact us, and upcoming events.

    Please send your welcomed ideas and suggestions to your

    To join our community email list, please click here and then click on the "join this group" link.

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